The Medlin Cemetery Association was created in 1944. Mary Carpenter, descended from the Medlins, was recruited in 1947 to take over the then three-year old Medlin Cemetery Association. Her extensive and exhaustive research resulted in the granting of a historical marker in 1977. Her research included locating property deeds dating back to Charles and Matilda Medlin. She saw the cemetery transform through the years. Grass fires destroyed many huge oak trees that once nestled among the graves.

Her own grandfather, William Owens Medlin, the sixth child of Charles and Matilda was a Civil War veteran and now rests at Medlin Cemetery. His grave is marked with a military marker distinguishing his service as a private of Company G of the 15th Texas Cavalry. Mary Carpenter passed away in 2001 and is buried in the Medlin Cemetery.

The Association continues to maintain the cemetery, its history and rich heritage.

Today's Medlin Cemetery Association Board consists of 6 members:

Mary Knowles President 817-688-7783
Dan Gordon First Vice President 817-424-3086
Steve Williams Second Vice President 817-343-4295
Linda Harden Treasurer 817-201-9031
Kathryn Williams Secretary 817-691-3639
Carol Harer Parliamentarian 817-821-2584